What is the DISA Module used for?

The DISA Module is used to create a destination to which you can send calls.  Calls sent to a DISA destination will receive a dial tone and they can dial a phone number.

For example, you could create a DISA and set the DISA as a destination in an IVR, so that when a caller presses 1, he will hear a dial tone and can dial a telephone call.

Another option is to assign a dedicated number to go directly to a DISA destination. This number can be used by staff outside the head office to take advantage of lower long-distance rates provided by the PBX trunk lines, or to reduce cell phone minutes by using a call-a-number-free cell phone plan provision.

Security Warnings with DISA

Be sure to configure security access controls for a DISA destination, at it opens the PBX up to outside callers.

Options for securing a DISA:

  • Define PIN security codes for the DISA as a whole, or for each user (the later is better)
  • If the DISA is reached through an inbound route, define incoming caller ID filters on the inbound route. This is weaker security option as caller ID numbers can be faked.

How is the DISA Module related to the other Modules?

Because the DISA Module creates a destination to which you can route calls, the DISA Module is related to the any module that can route calls to a destination, including the Inbound Routes Module, the IVR Module, the Time Conditions Module, etc.

How Do I Get to the DISA Module?

  • From the top menu click Applications
  • In the Drop Down click DISA

How do I use the DISA Module?


DISA is used to allow people from the outside world to call into your PBX and then be able to dial out of the PBX so it appears that their call is coming from the office, which can be handy when traveling. You can set a destination in an IVR that points to the DISA or set a DID. Make sure you password protect this to keep people from dialing in and using your PBX to make calls out.


Please note this is like someone sitting in your business making calls. Every effort should be made to hide this from the public and secure it. Leaving this exposed could lead to toll fraud and high phone bills.

Logging In

  • From the top menu click Applications
  • From the drop down click DISA

Adding a DISA


Give the DISA a brief name to help you identify it.


The user will be prompted for this number. If you wish to use multiple PINs, separate them by commas.



Response Timeout

The maximum amount of time it will wait before hanging up if the user has dialled an incomplete or invalid number. Default is 10 seconds.

Digit Timeout

The maximum amount of time permitted between digits. Default is 5 seconds.

Caller ID

This setting is optional. When using this DISA, the users caller ID will be set to this.


This should be touched by experts only. Sets the context that calls will originate from. Leave this as “from-internal” unless you know what you are doing.

Allow Hangup

Allows the current call to be disconnected and a dial tone is presented for a new call by pressing the hangup feature code “**” while in a call.


Once you have the fields as you want them click Submit to save

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